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 DNA Wealth Blueprint Review - Extra bonus

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: DNA Wealth Blueprint Review - Extra bonus    Sat Apr 12, 2014 9:40 am

Hey guys…Mike McKay here and i would like to thank you for your interest in promoting my upcoming WSO. My Amazon Affiliate range of done-for-you niche packs have become synonymous with both great quality and amazing value-for-money on the Warrior Forum…and beyond!

If it is your first time working with me, welcome, i look forward to you making you some easy money on this launch. To my regular partners thank you as always for your amazing support, friendship and loyalty!

Thousands of affiliates have purchased these packs and as a testament to their effectiveness i am now releasing the 55th pack in the series.

This product is jam-packed with all of the essential data that Amazon affiliates need to create a great looking and effective cash-generating website in whatever niche is being offered at the time. Included are detailed kw data + exact match data, royalty free product review videos, WP headers and themes, banner graphics, infographics, articles, softwares plus much, much more…!

Azon Affiliate Horse Gear Riches! slices deep into the multi Billion dollar, Evergreen Outdoor Sports niche, focusing primarily on Horse Gear and Accessories.

These items are sold in their tens of thousands every year on Amazon.com alone and are extremely popular…the cool thing is that they also sell throughout the year!

For affiliates it is worthy of note that 9 of my Azon Affiliate launches to date have secured POTD/WSOTD selling 1000-1500+ units each along the way…the last 3 selling in excess of 1500 units each!

I have deepened my funnel for this launch, offering a $197 ticket product…which pays out a massive 35% to my affiliates! I have also mixed up the funnel a little for this launch and added a 3-pack of Pro Amazon Affiliate Review Sites based directly upon the 3 sub-niches on offer with this product…plus the new addition of infographics and a Social Media element including tweets and d-f-y FB posts; massively popular and excellent for generating traffic and niche authority!
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DNA Wealth Blueprint Review - Extra bonus
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